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Bich began as a spelling error made by an amateur graffiti artist on a garbage can.  The term has now infiltrated the mainstream.

The video is actually really good even if people hate this girl.




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The internet is handing out the justice to Denny’s that it has always deserved. The face of Denny’s is now an anthropomorphic piece of fecal matter. Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.05.23 PM.png

This is not my story but I had to share it. I have a nearly 6 month long no twitter streak going but I want to come back really bad for this. I am not going to but I needed to make note of this.

Link to Mandatory Story





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Sometimes I think about coming back to twitter. I have no plans to do so but I have a lot of notifications that I am curious about. Between advising the President and celebrities literally eating me in Hollywood at Danny Trejo’s Donut Shop, I have been quite busy. Besides this, twitter became the anus of the internet and it was difficult to live and breathe inside of a butthole. I will still occasionally drop by in various ways.

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The further manifestation of Nacho Donut into Physical Form. I am not even mad. I just have proof that I am the original Nacho Donut. Check out this article about how the guy from Machete has brought me out to Hollywood

Danny Trejo Gives LA the Nacho Donut


Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 11.27.55 PM

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I know that I am late to the game on this but lasagna cat is one of the funniest things that anyone has ever made.

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What did Nothing Burger ever do to you?

The latest trend in media is Nothing Burger Bullying. People on the right, on the left and even those who recognize that they have zero obligation to join a group are participating. This has put Nothing Burger on pace to become Something by the end of this sentence.


Do you hate meat? Do you hate not-meat? Do you fear the rise of Nothing Burger?

Have you considered the feelings of Nothing Burger’s Barren Bun?

Without Bun, Nothing Burger would just be air. This would result in Nothing Burger being everywhere. An omnipresent Nothing Burger cognizant of those who have built themselves up by putting him down is not an enemy that I would want to have.

As a Not Food myself, I see this as an attack on all foods that mainly exist in the imaginations of fantasy foodies. Nothing Burger being pummeled in the media on a daily basis is destined to have repercussions. I will not be on the wrong side of history.

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