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Richard Jefferson is fed up with the critics. The long time NBA Veteran has some fresh ink to demonstrate his displeasure. Just in case you forgot this man’s initials, RJ is now spelled out for you prominently on Jefferson’s forehead. Nothing says “No More Mr. Nice Guy” like a Face Tat. In what may be his final NBA season, RJ gives very few fucks these days.RJ_Yellow_Face_Tatt6.jpg



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Nacho Donut made this video to show support for the protesters in Egypt.

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I just got stung by a bee on my left achilles tendon. My sock was not much defense against this attack.


This literally just happened. It hurt pretty bad, but not that bad. It was mostly just surprising. It got me two times and did not leave a stinger and I saw that motherfucker fly away taunting me. This marks the third time in my life that I have been stung by a bee. Once when I was about five, another time when I accidentally stepped on a dead one in third grade, and now today. I guess I am lucky to have gone that long without being stung by a bee because now I remember how bad it sucks. Mainly the place it got me sucks because I feel it with every step I take. I realize that bees are necessary for pollination and that the cycle of nature would be fucked up without them but I am going to kill these bees by my house as hard as I fucking can right now.

These are not just your average bees. I have been killing them periodically throughout the summer and they keep coming back so based on the theory of survival of the fittest these are the most bad ass ones left. Before the one stung me, ten of them flew right at my head like they were World War II pilots on some kind of bombing mission. I should have gone inside but I just kept cutting my grass.

 I bet that bee that got me is their hero now. I hope you enjoy your moment in the sun, bees. I going to fuck you up now.

To make matters worse, when this occurred I screamed “Motherfucker!!!!” really loud. I looked over my shoulder and saw that a bunch of little kids and their parents were one driveway away from my house because they just got off of the bus.

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