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The womanizing, vicodin addicted jungle cat will make his return to a well landscaped field at Augusta in order to attempt to hit dimpled, white balls into shallow holes with expensive metal sticks on April 8th. Nacho Donut is working on getting a press pass to cover the event. If Tiger had not been married, he would be considered a pimp but since he was married he is considered the biggest asshole on Earth. He has obviously made some big mistakes but getting married was the biggest. If you want to bang whores across the country then that is your right as long as you are not married.

I am using this announcement by Woods as a reason to repost one of my favorite things from Nacho Donut history. Soon after I posted this, YouTube literally called me out on my shenanigans. More on that later. For now, enjoy once again as Nacho Donut commits Nacho Cheese Transgressions on Tiger Wood’s head.


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