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Foil Bowl gave the State of the Myspace address last night but nobody showed up. It was like a “If a tree falls in a forrest…” type of thing.

For a long time, Myspace was bigger than Facebook but it went downhill really fast and I don’t see any reason why it will ever come back. It just got taken over by stupid games and random spam comments. Alternative services that evolved offered a chance to avoid all of that bullshit. It was fun to make fake profiles like Foil Bowl for President but it really has been much better for me to just put stuff like that on Nacho Donut. I never used Facebook until recently and I am reluctantly trying to get into it but so far it just seems like almost the same thing as Myspace except it filters out most of the random bullshit and everybody’s page is just white and doesn’t have some crazy ass background. Myspace did give birth to Butt & the Buttones and I will be forever grateful for that and it is still good for music sometimes but other than that it pretty much needs to be put out of its misery. It is a graveyard of broken dreams and half assed ideas as well as a virtual museum of half assed dreams and broken ideas. I hope that Foil Bowl for President Myspace is still lurking on the internet in 2050.

Twitter definitely played a big role in the demise of Myspace and I think it is also doing some damage to Facebook but there are definitely some MySpaceesque qualities to Twitter. Sometimes I think that Facebook is so solidified as the top social networking site that nothing can get rid of it but eventually something else will come out that will turn Facebook into the next Myspace. It is only a matter of time. These things are ultimately controlled by the youth and with so many people’s Moms and even Grandmothers being on Facebook I think that younger kids will turn to something else. Just based off of some things I have read from people on Nacho Donut’s twitter I can tell that a lot of people are already turning to tweeting as a way to avoid people spying on what they are doing while still engaging in social networking.

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