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The 14th seeded Ohio University Bobcats beat the 3rd seeded Georgetown Hoyas Thursday night in the biggest upset of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament so far. The (living) ghosts of Patrick “Don’t Call Me Chewing” Ewing, Dikembe Mutumbo, Alonzo Mourning and Allen Iverson were not enough to help Georgetown as Armon Bassett and OU pretty much stomped them the whole game, winning 97-83. The win sets OU up for a meeting with 6th seed Tennessee at 3:35pm on Saturday, with a trip to the Sweet 16 at stake. It also makes the whole team Nacho Donut Heroes.

This is the biggest win for OU Basketball in a long time so there was for sure some debauchery to be had. OU students don’t need an excuse to party like some other lame colleges do, but when there is a specific reason to celebrate they do that shit right. No doubt, people were drinking a shit ton of Black Widows (The Pigskin), Junction Punches (The Junction) and Aquariums (The Pub) to show their support for the Robertcats of Ohio. I bet The Pub smells even more like puke after Thursday night. There are mad YouTube clips of people going crazy at OU after the game; I’ve included two below, but if you go to the YouTube pages for these clips and check out the right column you can see a ton of other videos. There must be a good amount of video production majors at OU or something, there’s a lot of students with cameras handy to catch some casual rioting/celebrating.


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