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Today is officially known as the International Day of Peace. Since everyday besides today is unofficially known as International Day of War, you should eat some donuts. Donuts bring peace and happiness to the world.

These donuts are characters in the Nacho Donut cartoon and are a reference to Golf vs. Hippies.

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This was recently posted by iBrontosaurus.

“I went to the carnival and almost missed my dude running the panda ride. I had to turn back and give him dap. I may be a brontosaurus, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have love for even the smallest of Earth’s creatures.”

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Maria Menounos is Nacho Donut’s biggest fan.

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Marry me, I'm hungry. I mean...I love you!

What do you get the woman who has everything? I think we can now put that question to bed. Someone get this guy a damned Noble Prize already, like the Nobel Prize in Pastry-Topped Jewelry. That award exists and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s his to lose at this point.

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In case you weren’t aware, Cupid and Jason Voorhees did battle over the weekend for the fate of our souls. All of them. It was a fierce struggle, with Cupid forcing overtime on a controversial four point play with no time left in regulation. At that point it could have gone either way. Jason looked good early on and had a pretty respectable weekend overall, garnering $42.2 million at the box office and kicking the ass of “He’s Just Not That Into You”. This could have been a harbinger of a landslide victory for Jason, but Cupid stuck to his guns (arrows?). (more…)

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