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Nacho Donut and Maria Menounos have been together for so long they are starting to look like each other. These are some shots of Nacho Donut going to visit her on the set of The Challenge: Cutthroat reunion. Their relationship has been tumultuous with Menounos often becoming estranged and going back to her first Donut love, Dunkin Donuts and with Nacho Donut hooking up with other random celebrities and different kinds of cheeses. No matter what, they always seem to get back together.

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Tony Parker has officially been given Super Duper Douche status after cheating on his wife, Eva Longoria.

Your loss is Nacho Donut’s gain. Whats even better is that Maria Menounos is totally cool with it.

Eva Longoria giving Nacho Donut a well deserved bubble bath.

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Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos has been supporting Nacho Donut since the beginning. She is Nacho Donut’s biggest fan.

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Maria Menounos is Nacho Donut’s biggest fan.

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Maria Menounos was spotted at a local Nacho Donut today picking up her usual baker’s dozen of Nacho Donuts.



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