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I was playing some Mike Tyson’s Punchout on NES and I couldn’t help but notice the significant camel toe being sported by Von Kaiser in the second fight of the game.

I know that you have a Mangina, Von Kaiser.

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Nacho Donut gave his Nacho Bike away to someone who needed it more than he did. Some say it was stolen but it was actually a Christmas present. Seeing how Nacho Donut does not have legs he did not have much use for it anyway.

To demonstrate how little use he had for it, Nacho Donut went to the ExciteBike track where he made it clear to all that he needed no bike to excite. He dominated the competition without one, setting the record in the process.

The most appropriate musical choice to accompany Nacho Donut’s legendary run is the end part of 300 bars and running by The Game.

NOTE: This has nothing to do with the whole “Nigga Stole My Bike” phenomenon that I just recently discovered on Youtube. I found out about that after I had already dumped Nacho Cheese into my ExciteBike cartridge in order to make this video possible. I hope that this video will be a step in the right direction towards reclaiming Mike Tyson’s Punchout from racist Youtube honkies.

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