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On this day in history, roughly millions of years ago, the concept of boating was inadvertently invented by a monkey. This was probably the most important day ever.


A monkey was in a tree, eating primitive bananas when part of the tree he was climbing broke and fell into a river. The Monkey’s instincts told him to hold on. He floated down the river as the other monkeys watched in amazement. They had never seen anything quite like this.

He eventually returned to shore and the other monkeys made the floating one their king. He passed on his knowledge of flotation devices to the others. Continued Nautical advancements were made and the boating monkeys proceeded to colonize the planet.

This unintentional innovation changed the history of primate evolution and you are able to read this completely factual account of the invention of the boat because of what that brave monkey did for you.




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The chimpanzee attack has drawn so much interest that Nacho Donut will now immortalize the evil chimp in the Chimpanzee Attack Digital Art Series or the C.A.D.A.S.  Here is the first installment. There will be more to come at completely random times. monkey344

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