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I heard this song “Another One” off the Rick Ross mixtape “Ashes to Ashes” by the Bugatti Boyz (Diddy and Rick Ross). Not only is this Diddy’s best song ever but it reminded me of Battletoads. Battletoads was one of the best games that was ever made for original Nintendo. As far as I am concerned, there was Battletoads and then there was every other nintendo game. Although it was extremely difficult, it arguably had the best graphics of any nintendo game as well as the best music. I am also pretty sure that this was actually the last new nintendo game that I got before I eventually got super nintendo.

Since it reminded me of Battletoads and I have been remixing original NES gameplay with mixtape tracks, I brought this song together with level 2 from Battletoads. It was no surprise that it went with it perfectly.

Here is the original version.

Here is a bonus mix. Right now I am ranked #1 in the world at taking songs from mixtapes and mixing them with Nintendo game play. This may be what the Ill N.E.S. project was meant to be.

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Much like Nacho Donut itself, this video teaches a lesson about persistence. Nacho Donut began after me and Sean came back from a walk to BP where we bought mini powdered donuts and Nacho Cheese Doritos. When we arrived back at Jim’s place above Santa’s Cycle Store, everyone was passed out so we ate all of the donuts and the Doritos. In the process, the concept of Nacho Donut was born and we recorded the commercial right then. Years later, we began the Nacho Donut blog. Eventually we made videos and a twitter page where we gained a cult following.

Nacho Donut has always continued to grow. I am now developing the cartoon and one day we will make the Nacho Donut movie. For the time being, my posts on the Nacho Donut blog will be limited as I have a lot to do and our blog has already reached great success.The twitter account will remain active but I want to spend more time on the cartoon as it is clearly the next step in Nacho Donut evolution.

After this will come merchandising and from the funds acquired we will develop more donut recipes and products. This will generate more revenue and from that we will make the Nacho Donut movie. Sometime before or after the movie comes out we will open the Nacho Donut Restaurant/Store and we will then license franchises.

In the mean time, Stay Hungry.

This song has just been added to the Nacho Donut Soundtrack. It will be used during a montage when the Nacho Donut workers will be constructing the gigantic donut that is going to roll down the hill and devastate their rival Taco Donut.

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I watched Kanye West’s performance last night at Coachella. It was one of the best performances that I have seen in a long time. I wasn’t there but I took a lot of screen captures while I was watching it live and I am including a gallery of the photos here.

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This was recently posted by iBrontosaurus.

“I went to the carnival and almost missed my dude running the panda ride. I had to turn back and give him dap. I may be a brontosaurus, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have love for even the smallest of Earth’s creatures.”

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