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Sometimes I think about coming back to twitter. I have no plans to do so but I have a lot of notifications that I am curious about. Between advising the President and celebrities literally eating me in Hollywood at Danny Trejo’s Donut Shop, I have been quite busy. Besides this, twitter became the anus of the internet and it was difficult to live and breathe inside of a butthole. I will still occasionally drop by in various ways.


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The further manifestation of Nacho Donut into Physical Form. I am not even mad. I just have proof that I am the original Nacho Donut. Check out this article about how the guy from Machete has brought me out to Hollywood

Danny Trejo Gives LA the Nacho Donut


Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 11.27.55 PM

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I like to keep up on what Nacho Donut Blog readers are searching for. Today we have attracted viewers interested in camels biting people, cartoon porn pics of ancient india and sour skittles.

These are actual search terms. This truly happens in reality. Nacho Donut loves you and thanks you for your support.

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Today at Nacho Donut Headquarters, a great discovery was made. We unlocked a time capsule and found two original Nacho Donut Product Prototypes that were made many years ago.

On the left is the Nacho Donut mug which served dual purposes as a coffee mug and a nacho cheese holder. On the right is Nacho Donut Dough. It was a lot like play dough but did not taste nearly as good.

These are real products that exist in reality. I have received generous offers to purchase these priceless historical artifacts but I have plans for their showcasing in the Nacho Donut Museum where they can be appreciated for all of eternity.


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Today is a great day in Nacho Donut history.  We are currently attracting readers who are interested in mongoose sex and eating nachos aggressively.

The best part of this is that it says “mongoose getting sex”.

This is why I do this.


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Despite it being obvious to the naked eye, many have questioned the specifics of Nacho Donut’s illustrious body parts. Our inbox is perpetually flooded with inquiries related to nacho donut’s flawless physique. Through not-science and the factual nature of infographics, we attempt to clear up some of the confusion. In Nacho Donut Anatomy #1, we bring to attention Nacho Donut’s knee. Upon magnification under a microscope, we have discovered that Nacho Donut is made of Nacho Donut.



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Nacho Donut and Jarret Coming Soon

I won’t leave you hanging on this. It is too important to the world. This is one of the greatest stories there has ever been. Have patience. The world will never be the same. Or is it?

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