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The 14th seeded Ohio University Bobcats beat the 3rd seeded Georgetown Hoyas Thursday night in the biggest upset of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament so far. The (living) ghosts of Patrick “Don’t Call Me Chewing” Ewing, Dikembe Mutumbo, Alonzo Mourning and Allen Iverson were not enough to help Georgetown as Armon Bassett and OU pretty much stomped them the whole game, winning 97-83. The win sets OU up for a meeting with 6th seed Tennessee at 3:35pm on Saturday, with a trip to the Sweet 16 at stake. It also makes the whole team Nacho Donut Heroes.

This is the biggest win for OU Basketball in a long time so there was for sure some debauchery to be had. OU students don’t need an excuse to party like some other lame colleges do, but when there is a specific reason to celebrate they do that shit right. No doubt, people were drinking a shit ton of Black Widows (The Pigskin), Junction Punches (The Junction) and Aquariums (The Pub) to show their support for the Robertcats of Ohio. I bet The Pub smells even more like puke after Thursday night. There are mad YouTube clips of people going crazy at OU after the game; I’ve included two below, but if you go to the YouTube pages for these clips and check out the right column you can see a ton of other videos. There must be a good amount of video production majors at OU or something, there’s a lot of students with cameras handy to catch some casual rioting/celebrating.


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I understand that it has not been 1992 for quite a while (although zubaz are coming back) but I still wish that Christian Laettner would not have been selected to be on the Dream Team. Most people at the time would have been surprised to find out that Laettner would go on to have the incredibly lackluster career that he ended up having but I still regret this decision nonetheless. It is easy for one to look back on things and judge past decisions now that everyone knows how things have played out but I disagreed with Laettner’s selection to the team at the time and I will always regret that it happened. Ultimately, I think he was selected because of the immense fame and publicity he received from making his game winning shot in the NCAA tournament at Duke.


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I have returned from sabbatical. I had to go into another dimension to bring back more ill shit. It is time for Nacho Donut to step it up and no one else can make that happen better than me. I see that people still love the chimpanzee attack so I will try to induce some more of those. I want to give you what you want so I am going to have to break into the zoo and rile up some chimps. Whatever it is that people are into these days, I will continue to stay true to what Nacho Donut was originally all about. I don’t care if anyone likes what I put on here and I do not need anyone’s approval for anything.  As I said before, I will be bringing the greatest thing in Nacho Donut history since the recording of the original commercial. This is not what I was talking about but this is probably the best commercial I have ever seen. This commercial has been an inspiration to me and I live my day to day life based on the values it has taught me. I am just like Patrick Chewing and I will destroy all opposition. I even have the same haircut as him now. Consider this a warm up. As always, I will be staying true to my word. Unlike most, I pursue my dreams 100% no matter what people say. In a matter of hours, Nacho Donut will become a reality, assuring that its legacy will be maintained forever. Although I was contemplating retirement, I realized that Nacho Donut without me would be like the dough without the nut. If that were to occur than the world would be forced to eat loadwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children would be roaming the streets singing  “Give me back that load wich, give me that wich, Give me back that load wich, give me that wich”. I can’t let that happen. Besides that, if I did not come back then Taco Donut would win. No one can fuck with me anymore. If you still think you can {BIG CHUCK AND LITTLE JOHN LAUGH HERE}.  I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.  I am going to Walgreen’s to pick up a fucking Nacho Donut. I hope you will join me.

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