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I occasionally do a Google search for Nacho Donut and will often times unearth some gems in the process. I am dumbfounded by what I discovered today.

A company is selling a poster of a Nacho Donut picture for $6.95 . This is their website. It is a place called wallpart.com

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 3.48.18 AM


Nacho Donut has a lot of pictures. Many of them would make great posters and I am not even mad about this. I remember making this picture but out of all of the pictures that could be made into posters, I just really don’t understand how it ended up being this one. squirrel-print-poster-17930244189


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Sometimes I ride an elephant.

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Once upon a time, there was a naked little boy who needed some advice about candy. He asked various talking animals for their opinion and finally a geriatric turtle told him to consult with an owl. He naively trusted the owl and was left heart broken when the owl ate his Tootsie Pop and subsequently misinformed him about the number of licks that it took to get to the delicious chocolate center. It is like a psychedelic Aesop fable with the moral being that owls are liars and they will eat your candy.

This is a Tuesday Random Music Video Day that was created in the Nacho Donut facility itself. Special thanks to Tootsie Pops, Benny Benassi, Sean Paul and whoever the original animator of this cartoon was. I have been trying to find out who did it and I don’t see it listed anywhere. I only recently discovered this mix of Satisfaction Vs. Temperature and it is one of the best remixes I have ever heard. Again, I don’t know exactly who is responsible for it but I am attributing it to Benny Benassi.

It was really a combination of factors which led to this unlikely collaboration. First, I gave out Tootsie Pops for Halloween. At some point after that, I discovered this Benny Benassi Vs Sean Paul remix of Satisfaction. After that, Conan O’Brien and TBS used an owl in in advertisement that Sean posted on Nacho Donut where he pointed out that owls have been known to be liars. Upon reading this, I immediately thought of the Tootsie Pop commercial where Mr. Owl blatantly lies about the number of licks that it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. I thought that this song would go perfectly with the commercial because Mr. Owl, being the greedy, candy stealing bird that he is, could not wait to get his satisfaction and bit into the Tootsie Pop after only three licks. I think this remix goes together with the commercial just like a hard candy shell goes with Tootsie, or whatever you might want to call the chewy, chocolate center of a Tootsie Pop.

Here is the original cartoon in its entirety. It had its debut in 1969 but I became familiar with it in the 1990’s while watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Usually they just showed a shortened version with the turtle and the owl but I remember seeing the full version from time to time.


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I was driving down the street today and saw some guy rollerblading. I didn’t think that this was still happening but it has now been confirmed. It was not this old man but rather some dirty, bearded guy wearing a dark blue doo-rag. He is probably in some kind of Rollerblade gang.

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There is a new tab at the top of the Nacho Donut page called the Random Post Generator. It is pretty self explanatory and will give you access to hundreds of Nacho Donut posts that you may have never seen before.

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Nacho Donut has something epic in the works. In the mean time, enjoy this Ostrich race. One Ostrich did not appreciate this and went with the old “Fuck you, I am just going to spin around in a circle” protest. He should have been there when we went to Circleville.

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