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Chevrolet is supposedly trying to stop using the word “Chevy” and will now only go by their full name. Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one? This sounds like a publicity stunt to me. Putting out stupid press releases that get picked up by news outlets is something that seems to be going on a lot more lately. The news outlets are in on it because they need ratings to sell advertising and as a result the line between real and fake news will continue to be blurred. News sources that are based on factual evidence are getting their asses kicked by sources that are more tabloid-like in style, particularly on the internet, so the once reliable sources of news have no choice but to become more like their competition. Don’t worry. Nacho Donut is the most trusted source for news in the world.

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Throughout my life I have both witnessed and been a part of many supernatural occurrences. Many would chalk most of these occurrences up to coincidence and I am sure some of them were. However, the sheer quantity of strange coincidences I have been a part of alone convinces me that there is no possible way that all of these things are coincidences. I do not understand the significance of these things but I feel like there is some kind of supernatural force following me around. In addition to this unexplained phenomenon, I experience déjà vu on what I would consider to be a very regular basis. It is difficult to explain what experiencing déjà vu on a regular basis would be so the best way for me to describe it would be for me to say that I without a doubt experience déjà vu at least ten times more than the average person. I will have to research that in order to come up with a scientifically legitimate estimation but that is what I am going with for the time being. For the most part, I have never been able to convince people of this. So many of the occurrences, which make perfect sense to me, can only be described to others in a vague fashion. I think that these occurrences happen in such a way that if I try to describe them to other people they won’t make any sense and people will just think that I am crazy. In other words, it is by design that these things happen so that I personally can see them but if I tell anyone else about it they will just write it off as words from the mouth of someone who has lost their mind. I know why supernatural phenomena has been designed that way but I will save that for some other time. I already wrote like twenty pages on that one time before.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, my friends, I will tell you. (more…)

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Approximately a week and a half ago Sean inadvertently unlocked the door to the Cassel/Enemy Mine Matrix through Google Image Search by searching for “cavs rule”. It is something that we here at Nacho Donut touched upon earlier but it is an issue that needs to be addressed in further detail. It is likely that we have acquired the residue of another dimension. Pending FDA approval, this residue will be used as a new topping for Nacho Donut. The complexity of this concept makes string theory look like One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. Words can not describe it so for your benefit I have constructed a visual representation of the Cassell/Enemy Mine Matrix. 


I have several renditions but this is the closest to being accurate. I hope to eventually produce an animated version. This diagram marks a turning point in human history. Sam Cassell you are not a human being. I am going to send you back to where you came from if it is the last thing I do.

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