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Retirement is good. A few months ago, I set up my computers and phone so that twitter could not function on them. I was trying to quit twitter for a while but couldn’t do it so I just made sure that twitter could not enter my life in any way. It was a great decision and has improved my life greatly. I would recommend it to anyone who uses twitter who would like to have more time and energy to accomplish things that they wanted to do in their life before twitter existed.

Twitter was very fun for a while but it has become a cesspool. I contributed to that cesspool at times but, in general, my twitter was extremely successful. I entertained thousands and arguably millions of people. I know that people have been trying to talk to me on twitter but whatever those people are saying will never make it to me. You may want to try more conventional methods of communication. If you are not interested in doing that, you might be surprised to find out that I do not care.

I conducted an experiment to see if banging my head against a brick wall for two months would accomplish more than using twitter for two months. As it turns out, banging your head against a brick wall for two months actually accomplishes an infinite amount more than using twitter for two months. I’m here for anyone who wants a scholarly debate in an appropriate setting but twitter mainly just gives the people tweeting a temporary burst of dopamine in the brain that tricks them into thinking that they did something important. The effect is similar to the effect that cocaine has on a person’s brain.

The person who is President right now had a lot of mean things said about him on twitter before the election. The mean things said about this person were intended to stop that person from becoming President. Despite having many mean things said about him on twitter, this person still won the election. In my opinion, this proves that saying mean things on twitter about a person running for office does not really help the cause of the person saying the mean things. If I wanted to change things, I probably would stop doing the exact same thing that has been proven to be ineffective but who am I to judge such tactics?

If likes and retweets resulted in election victories then saying mean things on twitter would be the best idea ever. However, that is not how the American electoral process works and, unless you dropped out of school prior to age 12, you would have been educated about the electoral college. If you don’t remember it then that is your fault and not the fault of your school. In addition to grade school education, there is a place called a library that has books in it that you can read for free. If you can not read then you might have trouble voting but I think that you should still be able to. However, if you are going to be mad at the electoral college, you have to be mad at it when your candidate wins and not just when your candidate loses.

Hating the person who is President will not stop that person from being President. It actually will not accomplish a single thing other than making you feel sad or angry. The people who like that President will be happy that you are sad or angry. Giving the opposition exactly what it wants is probably another example of a strategic mistake but I am a complete idiot so what do I know?

I believe that attaching one’s identity to a particular political party is one of the dumbest things that a person can possibly do in a free society. It is understandable for one’s identity to be linked to their religion but it is illogical to link your identity to your political party. When you link your identity to your political party, you are choosing for your political party to become your religion.

Politicians are not meant to be worshipped in America. A refusal to worship leaders as gods is one of the main reasons why America became a separate country from England. Over time, some educated people seem to have forgotten this. Additionally, both sides of the aisle undeniably seek and accept corporate contributions which makes America a Corporatocracy and not a Democracy.

In conclusion, Twitter sucks now. It is still better than Facebook, something that I have tried to use a little more, but I think that all social media platforms are pretty limited in their usefulness. I am going to maintain my twitter retirement and enjoy all of the positive things in my life. I wish you all the best in accomplishing whatever your goals and dreams are these days. David Letterman and I are currently having a post-retirement beard growing contest.

Your Friend,



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This looks like the entrance to a Christian themed amusement park called "Jesus Land".

I don’t remember the part of the Bible that says to spend a quarter of a million dollars on a statue of Jesus and apparently God does not either as last night a statue which cost that much to build was burnt to the ground after being struck by lightning. I am not saying that it is a good thing or a bad thing that the statue known as “Big Butter Jesus” went up in flames last night. I am just saying that if God exists, he or she was not a fan of this statue. That is just my interpretation of it. This church and its congregation will probably interpret what occurred as a sign that God wanted them to build a bigger and more expensive statue of Jesus.

I think that if Jesus had an extra 250,000 dollars to spend he would have probably done something outrageous with it like feed starving people or something crazy like that. In any case, if you are going to build a statue called “Big Butter Jesus” you had better build it out of real butter. This thing should have been called “Medium Margarine Jesus”

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Some Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by my house today. I have heard that the end of the world was coming before and nothing happened but I guess this time it is really going down. They gave me these papers with some really scary pictures on them. I guess if you are not a Jehovah’s Witness you are pretty much fucked when the world ends, which is supposed to happen any day now. It probably won’t be that soon though because they are having a convention at the Wolstein Center next weekend. It is a pretty safe bet that the world will not be ending until at least some time after that. I don’t have a working scanner at the moment so I can’t put the actual flyer on here but I have found some similar images on Google Image search so check it out.I even found a Patriotic one for the holiday weekend. All of you sinners better repent. 



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Today is a special Two for Tuesday music video day at Nacho Donut. The state of Iran is so crazy right now that I just keep thinking about Flock of Seagulls. I know it is supposed to be pronounced “E-Ron” but whatever. It is really fucked up to see what is going on over there but many revolutions throughout history have began following similar killings during protests and something like that could be good for Iran, the United States, and basically anyone in the world who is not down with genocide for the sake of religion. It seems like it is mostly young people in Iran who are against the bullshit over there, and with two thirds of their population being under 30 (wikipedia what up) things could continue to escalate in the future even if nothing changes for the time being.

Although this might seem like something that could slow or prevent Iran from developing or using a nuclear weapon, it could also speed up the process. It is not really out of the question to think that Iran could have some nukes stashed somewhere that could have been “misplaced” after the fall of the Soviet Union. (Russia and Iran share a border, they have been trade partners, both governments are shady…). In addition to that, Uranium is a natural resource to Iran and everyone knows that they want a nuclear weapon. Having nuclear weapons to countries is what having a cell phone was like to individual people. At first only a few people have it, then more people have it, and then you are eventually a loser if you don’t have one so you have to get one. With so many countries around Iran having nuclear capabilities it is naive to think that acquiring the same technology is not something they are desperately seeking. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated that Iran only wants  to have a nuclear energy program but how much sense does that make when your oil reserves are the third largest in the world (Wikipedia)? That dude does not care about the environment. He reminds me a of a villain from an 80’s movie. Villains from 80’s movies are jealous of that guy.

Anyways, where am I going with this? Sometimes I just start writing stuff so I don’t even know. Oh yeah. Here it is. If somewhere down the road a revolution in Iran seems imminent, those in power might just decide to use one of their nukes (if they have one) because they will know that it could be there only chance to do so. They might know that they are going down and just say fuck the world (literally). If their leaders know that they are going to be overthrown and they have a nuclear weapon at their disposal then they just might blow some shit up with it. It could be a conspiracy theory that I have just concocted from sleep deprivation but it isn’t that ridiculously out of the question to not consider it as a potential future scenario. I hope that this does not happen because if it does, Nacho Donut will probably be shut down by the C.I.A. or something. Then people will call me Nachodamus.

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This is a live webcam broadcasting from hell showing what the some of Somali Pirates are up to these days. A lot of people are saying that this pirate situation is somehow our fault because we are not giving enough aid to Somalia. I am going to have to disagree with that because I am pretty sure I saw one of those Pirates rocking an old Nike T-shirt that I gave to goodwill a while back. If anyone is to blame for the situation it is Disney. Pirates of the Caribbean has twisted their minds. The ladies love Johnny Depp so much that these Somalians are now convinced that becoming a pirate is the best way to pick up women.


This was shot for the Isaac Newton movie but I have adapted it to current events.

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I was going through my archives and I came across this picture that I had saved a while ago. I don’t know where I got it from but I am sure I am not the only one who has seen this. Jesus probably did ride on dinosaurs! I don’t see why he wouldn’t have. The only thing that doesn’t make sense about this picture is the fact that the dinosaur depicted clearly has the arms of a tyrannosaurus rex even though it is the size of a velociraptor. I will go back to church if they start to rep this part of the Bible a little harder. Jesus and the Dinosaurs needs to be made into a movie.

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