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I understand that it has not been 1992 for quite a while (although zubaz are coming back) but I still wish that Christian Laettner would not have been selected to be on the Dream Team. Most people at the time would have been surprised to find out that Laettner would go on to have the incredibly lackluster career that he ended up having but I still regret this decision nonetheless. It is easy for one to look back on things and judge past decisions now that everyone knows how things have played out but I disagreed with Laettner’s selection to the team at the time and I will always regret that it happened. Ultimately, I think he was selected because of the immense fame and publicity he received from making his game winning shot in the NCAA tournament at Duke.



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This is Scottie Pippen’s Mug Shot. I saw it at thesmokinggun.com
Cops pulled over the six-time NBA champ’s Mercedes after seeing him use an oncoming lane to pass cars stopped at a red light.

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