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This is a sneak preview of things to come.


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Spring Break is a time to really let loose and that is what Nacho Donut is doing all over some contestants at today’s wet t-shirt contest in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Those in attendance have witnessed Nacho Donut bring new flavor to this age-old competition as Nacho Cheese has been steadily flowing all over dozens of slutty sorority girls since 9:30 this morning. Although only one contestant can take home the prize (and many will contract herpes), Nacho Donut reminds us that, today, we are all winners.

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Nacho Donut just sent us this postcard from Lake Havasu, Arizona where things were apparently getting quite retro. He has landed a spot as a celebrity judge in the wet t-shirt contest that is being held tomorrow. I am not exactly sure what he meant but he said something about “bringing his own flavor” to the contest. Stay tuned for more as Nacho Donut Spring Break has just begun.

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Nacho Donut just finished Midterms and is now on Spring Break. Watch out for a week of drunken Donut debauchery.

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In 1532 on November 16th Pizarro captured Atahualpa. He and his army would then go on to masacre the Incas. 477 years later, Nacho Donut will travel through time to set things right.Apizarro_vs_manco_inca1Bpizarro_vs_manco_inca1Cpizarro_vs_manco_inca1

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Da da da Donut Face, Da da da Donut Face.

Lady Gaga is the latest Celebrity to endorse Nacho Donut. We are now developing a Lady Gaga inspired Donut which will have both Donut and Cruller attributes.

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Chimpanzee Attack

In the early days of the Nacho Donut Blog, a chimpanzee named Travis went on a rampage. Nacho Donut reported on this and it was very well received. Our account of the event soon began to climb the Nacho Donut charts.Next came the chimpanzee attack digital art series.


It was plain to see that people were fascinated with animals attacking people. A few weeks passed and then I found out that a woman had jumped into a polar bear’s habitat at a zoo and that the Polar Bear was not happy with this.



Some more time went by and it seemed like it had been a while since an animal had gained fame from attacking someone. I decided to post “Bear Eats Baby at Zoo”. The public ate it up like a bear eating a baby at zoo.


Golf Versus Hippies and its infamous reference came next.

“And now they have began sending bears after the golfers with promises of fish bounties that they will not deliver being the selfish hippie bastards that they are.”



Tragically, it was not long after this that LL Cool J was eaten by a bear while out at a club. Nacho Donut was at the scene and broke this story just minutes after it occurred.


This brings us up to present day. Animal Attack week will now be taking over with an unprecedented barrage of animal attacks. It is really all about letting people know that you should not fuck with nature. Although I am 2 and 1 lifetime in fights with trees, my one loss taught me enough to know this to be true. Consider the following a public service announcement from Nacho Donut. Be forewarned, some of these images may not be suitable for anybody.



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