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I know that I am late to the game on this but lasagna cat is one of the funniest things that anyone has ever made.


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I put this video up on YouTube several months ago and posted it on Nacho Donut. I decided that I should make a donut from the future win the Emmy Award and so I did and I even made a beat for it. It received a lot of views right at first and then it got stuck at 310 views. YouTube has not credited it with a single view in months. I know that it is not the best video ever but YouTube is hating on it pretty hard for some reason. There is no way that this video has not gotten at least one view in several months. There are much shittier videos than this even on our own Youtube page that at least get a few views a week.

This is not just a scheme to get people to watch this video.

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Nacho Donut gave his Nacho Bike away to someone who needed it more than he did. Some say it was stolen but it was actually a Christmas present. Seeing how Nacho Donut does not have legs he did not have much use for it anyway.

To demonstrate how little use he had for it, Nacho Donut went to the ExciteBike track where he made it clear to all that he needed no bike to excite. He dominated the competition without one, setting the record in the process.

The most appropriate musical choice to accompany Nacho Donut’s legendary run is the end part of 300 bars and running by The Game.

NOTE: This has nothing to do with the whole “Nigga Stole My Bike” phenomenon that I just recently discovered on Youtube. I found out about that after I had already dumped Nacho Cheese into my ExciteBike cartridge in order to make this video possible. I hope that this video will be a step in the right direction towards reclaiming Mike Tyson’s Punchout from racist Youtube honkies.

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This is the latest from iBrontosaurus:

“I can never beat it in private. Everyone always wants to catch a glimpse of a brontosaurus masturbating. I can’t blame them. I am the thunder lizard and I have a thunder penis. It just goes with the territory. Besides that, I am very good at it. It just gets annoying sometimes with everyone always wanting a free show. Sometimes, I just need a little time to myself. I thought I would be safe in the shower but I guess not. Ankylosaurus creeped in with the webcam and caught me again. Him and his tiny armor-plated Dinodick have always been jealous of my Jurassic Cock.”


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The 14th seeded Ohio University Bobcats beat the 3rd seeded Georgetown Hoyas Thursday night in the biggest upset of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament so far. The (living) ghosts of Patrick “Don’t Call Me Chewing” Ewing, Dikembe Mutumbo, Alonzo Mourning and Allen Iverson were not enough to help Georgetown as Armon Bassett and OU pretty much stomped them the whole game, winning 97-83. The win sets OU up for a meeting with 6th seed Tennessee at 3:35pm on Saturday, with a trip to the Sweet 16 at stake. It also makes the whole team Nacho Donut Heroes.

This is the biggest win for OU Basketball in a long time so there was for sure some debauchery to be had. OU students don’t need an excuse to party like some other lame colleges do, but when there is a specific reason to celebrate they do that shit right. No doubt, people were drinking a shit ton of Black Widows (The Pigskin), Junction Punches (The Junction) and Aquariums (The Pub) to show their support for the Robertcats of Ohio. I bet The Pub smells even more like puke after Thursday night. There are mad YouTube clips of people going crazy at OU after the game; I’ve included two below, but if you go to the YouTube pages for these clips and check out the right column you can see a ton of other videos. There must be a good amount of video production majors at OU or something, there’s a lot of students with cameras handy to catch some casual rioting/celebrating.

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I’ve always liked this song whenever I heard it. Now here it is on Tuesday Random Music Video Day. This video was posted on TouTube by “ass3768”. Thank you for this contribution to YouTube ass3768. You are much better than ass3766 and not as cliche as ass3769.

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The womanizing, vicodin addicted jungle cat will make his return to a well landscaped field at Augusta in order to attempt to hit dimpled, white balls into shallow holes with expensive metal sticks on April 8th. Nacho Donut is working on getting a press pass to cover the event. If Tiger had not been married, he would be considered a pimp but since he was married he is considered the biggest asshole on Earth. He has obviously made some big mistakes but getting married was the biggest. If you want to bang whores across the country then that is your right as long as you are not married.

I am using this announcement by Woods as a reason to repost one of my favorite things from Nacho Donut history. Soon after I posted this, YouTube literally called me out on my shenanigans. More on that later. For now, enjoy once again as Nacho Donut commits Nacho Cheese Transgressions on Tiger Wood’s head.

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