There are a lot of unanswered questions in the world today and I plan to get to the bottom of all of them. I will start with the most important issue as it is something that we all have to live with every day. Of course I am talking about emojis.

This is a screen shot of my most recently used emojis. Yes, this is officially straight off of my phone. I have an iPhone so I may not have the same emojis as you but here is a little window for you to see into the mind of nacho donut. It is kind of like staring directly into the sun so please proceed with caution.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 6.37.38 PM

Something that has perplexed me for some time is this one.


It is not the clearest image of it but I know that you know what I am talking about. It is hard to get a good picture of it because it is an emoji and I am a donut. Although it is a topic for another post, I hope to one day shrink myself down to the size of an emoji and enter their world to learn more about how they live.

The vast majority of emoji’s make some type of sense. Smiley face, not smiley face, frog, panda, arrow, arab man, up, down etc. However, this one remains a mystery. I don’t know what anyone else sees when they look at this but to me, this is an alligator head with reindeer antlers that is on a dinner plate. This thing is disturbing to me. Every time I look through my phone for a witty and situational emoji to use, I end up seeing this thing and I just do not understand it.

To make matters worse, when I tweet the Alligator deer head, it turns into this.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 6.38.33 PM

Now it is a sea monster. Somewhere between my phone and twitter the alligator deer head turns into a sea monster.

I am really confused about what is happening and I don’t know what to do. I am hoping someone out there has the answers.


This is a picture of all apple emojis that I have.


It has been a little while since I added something to the blog so today I bring you something spectacular that will potentially save the world according to this animation.

It is a new product called “Assofluid” and apparently it has many environmental applications. Besides that, it is called “Assofluid”. I have yet to interpret it into english but I am looking to purchase stock in this company regardless.


900 Year-Old Tree

This is the Montezuma Bald Cypress tree and it is 900 years old and survived a megadrought. Don’t fuck with this tree or it will kill you because obviously you aren’t killing it.






Despite it being obvious to the naked eye, many have questioned the specifics of Nacho Donut’s illustrious body parts. Our inbox is perpetually flooded with inquiries related to nacho donut’s flawless physique. Through not-science and the factual nature of infographics, we attempt to clear up some of the confusion. In Nacho Donut Anatomy #1, we bring to attention Nacho Donut’s knee. Upon magnification under a microscope, we have discovered that Nacho Donut is made of Nacho Donut.






























Nacho Donut sprinted through Smelly Flowers Mall until he finally reached the food court, where his 3rd closest friend in the world, NBA player Jarrett Jack, was waiting for him.


“Sorry I’m four hours late, Jarrett Jack. It’s very hard to steer a car when you are a donut with no arms,” explained Nacho Donut.


“Yo, I would tell you that I know what you’re talking about but I’m a human being with arms named Jarrett Jack,” said Jarrett Jack.


It was true. Jarrett Jack was a human being with arms and his name was Jarrett Jack.


“What should we eat? Everything here looks equally made an hour ago,” Nacho Donut observed.


Jarrett Jack had just finished practice with the Golden State Warriors only five hours ago and he was starving.


“Well,” said Jarrett Jack, “the Sbarro pizza looks like pizza so that could be good. And the McDonald’s is right next to the bathroom so we’ll be okay if we eat there. Uh…we could get some Panda Express in case we want to be hungry again very soon. Then there’s always Orange Julius to wash it down with a mysterious orange milkshake sort of drink.”


“You make everything sound so edible!” exclaimed Nacho Donut. “This is gonna be a tough choice.” As he looked around the food court something caught his eye. “Ooh, what about Auntie Anne’s?”


Jarrett Jack looked uncomfortable at the mere mention of Auntie Anne’s.


“Nah, let’s try something else,” responded Jarrett Jack.


“But, why? We both love soft pretzels and we’re hungry and Auntie Anne’s has soft pretzels that they will sell to us. We can eat them and then not be hungry anymore.”


“We can’t go there,” said an irritated Jarrett Jack.


“Why not? What’s going on?”


“I don’t want to talk about it, Nacho Donut.”


“C’mon, Jarrett Jack, you can tell me. We share everything together. I know about your Athlete’s foot and you know about the time that old man tried to put glaze on me and eat me.”


“Fine,” began Jarrett Jack. “Auntie Anne is my aunt. She gave me a card that got me free pretzels for life but I abused my privileges and now I’m banned for life. There’s a picture of me in every location telling the employees not to serve me and to call mall security immediately if I try to get a pretzel.”


Nacho Donut was alarmed to hear this story but convinced that he could help. “Alright, we’re gonna fix this, Jarrett Jack, because if there’s one thing I know about you, it’s how much you love a good soft pretzel.” Nacho Donut had never looked more excited in his life. “We’re gonna find your Auntie Anne, patch this up, and then we will dine like kings on an abundance of delicious soft pretzels.” Nacho Donut had never looked more serious in his life.


“Okay, I’m in,” said Jarrett Jack.


Nacho Donut was very happy to hear this. The hole he called a mouth looked as close to a smile as possible. “The first thing we need to do is find your Auntie and then you can apologize. I’m sure she’ll understand how easy it is to abuse a card that gives you free soft pretzels for life. Where can we find her?”


“Over there.” Jarrett Jack pointed over there.


“She works at that Auntie Anne’s?” asked a surprised Nacho Donut.


Then Nacho Donut and Jarrett Jack walked over to the food court Auntie Anne’s and Jarrett Jack apologized to his Auntie Anne and she accepted his apology and Nacho Donut and Jarrett Jack proceeded to dine like kings on an abundance of delicious soft pretzels. Their dream had come true.


“Okay, next week we need to do this same thing with my Uncle Great Steak & Fry Company,” said Nacho Donut.


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